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We have Gradle v4.4 in Debian, the current packaging effort is focussed on v6.4, and upstream is now up to v7.2. The build depends on com.gradle.enterprise, which used to be an optional module called com.gradle.build-scan in v5.x. Upstream asserts that it’s possible to build without it, but our initial attempt was unsuccessful.

Most of the problem comes from massive differences in tooling expectations. Their development setup involves a GUI project tool and an online build, while Debian requires offline builds and chroot management. Therefore while ideally we’d like a patch to the Debian packaging, the bulk of the work required would be satisfied by a patch to be used in the upstream setup.

It is assumed that if co-ordination with upstream is required, that they will only respond to work based upon their latest release. If that approach is taken, then the necessary changes will also need backporting to v6.4.1 so that we can finish off the Debian packaging.

The good news is that this project has been approved for funding as part of Freexian Project Funding